A bat of an eyelash. A tinkle of laughter. A river of flowers and fruit. A dazzling light…Jannat means “paradise” in Urdu, a language spoken in India and Pakistan. A breeze of youthfulness, joie de vivre, and airiness whirls over Jannat’s country. Her cheerfulness takes the form of an alcohol-free eau fraîche for children with Jannat Baby and an eau de parfum for adultes, Jannat. The tale “Jannat or the flowers of paradise” accompagnies the Jannat baby bottle.


The wild flowers of paradise

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Jannat, a little girl born on a cloud, dreams of becoming a perfumer. She discovers an explosion of scents in her daily life and tries to capture them. But how can she transform them into a fragrance? “Jannat or the wild flowers of paradise” sparks olfactory awakening. It is an invitation to the poetic world of fragrances through simple, illustrated episodes.