Memory bloc

A trunk of secrets, a whisper of leather. Frivolous treasures tucked away in curious drawers. A flash of blue feathers, a forgotten melody. Flapping wings over the rooftops of Paris. A bottle, as if in flight, kept away from prying eyes.

Cloaked in embossed beige leather, this music box commemorating the 10th anniversary of Memo Paris houses a bottle of Eau de Memo alongside singing automated birds. Reuge, the Swiss watchmaking specialist, is the skilled manufacturer behind this limited-edition gem with a visible automatic movement that transforms the music box into a genuine treasure chest.

The most Luxury Music Box

A bird on a tea leaf


Eau de MEMO music box is designed and manufactured by Memo Paris, using the best REUGE mechanics and singing birds.
When opening the doors, the birds with real feathers start to sing « Dawn Chorus »

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Delivery : 3 months
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