Marfa Edition Limitée

The eye of a tuberose

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Notes clés

Absolue de fleur d'oranger, Absolue tubéreuse, Musc blanc


Essence de mandarine, absolu de fleur d’oranger, accord d’agave, absolu de tubéreuse, essence d’ylang ylang, essence de santal, essence de cèdre, graine de vanille, musc blanc

75ml - coffret en bois.



At the junction of Routes 90 and 67, deep in the Texan ranch land, three hours from the closest airport: Marfa. A destination with a unique destiny, chosen by Memo to inaugurate its Art Land collection. Its bottle emblazoned with a wide-open eye provides the first clue. Marfa beckons the eye and holds its gaze. Despite the blinding sun and the irritating dust, the oldest inhabitants of this isolated American town lost on a high, arid plateau of the Chihuahuan Desert, the eye won’t waver. For Marfa has a power of attraction like no other, casting its spell on all those who come its way. This too is the property of a fragrance when it creates that magical bond. The encounter with Memo was thus meant to happen and did so with Tuberose Absolute: a bewitching, lingering, unfor- gettable flower. From the same family as Agave, which blooms at the heart of the desert and signals its presence in a top note accord, the Marfa fragrance evokes the singular nature of this white-hot land.