Juliette Léveillé

A 2012 graduate of Strasbourg's Haute école des arts du Rhin in the Illustration department, Juliette Léveillé immediately put her talent to work in the press, publishing and children's literature. Inspired by nature, which she observes from her studio, her technique gives the airy feeling of superimposed shapes and colors, like a summer's day between light and shadow. Perfect for Ithaque! "While working on this perfume, I liked the image with the amphora representing Athena, a powerful and reassuring mythological figure. Like that of fruit picked when ripe and tasted almost straight from the tree, an ideal of plenitude; the scent of citrus, fresh and warm, that of sweet, suave and tangy blackcurrant! Most of the images came to me fairly quickly when I first read the text, and I let myself be carried away by this mythological thread and solar wave, by the soft sensation and light of perfume, to dream of a summer on an island where nature overflows, lulled by the tales of Ulysses and Penelope."Juliette Léveillé