Letizia Le Fur

Freelance photographer based in Paris, she shoots for @memo.paris, taking pictures of bottles outdoors, according to her travels, as if they were reinvesting the nature that inspired them. Her atmospheric compositions, her dreamlike relationship to the landscape, her sense of colour, as well as the importance of nature in her photographic writing, led us to her.

Initially trained as a painter, she graduated from the School of Fine Arts in 1998 and was encouraged by the artist and teacher Valérie Belin to choose the path of photography. Since then, she has been combining her practice with commissioned work for the press, advertising, and projects for solo exhibitions and publishing.

In 2018, she won the Leica/Alpine Prize and created a carte blanche in the form of a road trip that led to an exhibition at the Leica Gallery in Paris. In 2019, she becomes a Leica ambassador.Letizia Le Fur