Matthieu Cossé

Artist, draftsman and painter, he collaborated twice with Memo to reveal the universe of Tiger's Nest and Sintra fragrances in two dedicated books illustrated by his hand. For Sintra, he designed the window display for the Memo boutique at 24 rue Cambon, Paris, with a décor revealing the Portuguese palace and the fragrance associated with it. His taste for pattern and colour, his voluntary and colourful line, lead him towards a playful and free figuration.

Born in 1983, he lives and works in Paris. His works live on ever more varied supports: wall decorations, ceramics, press drawings, scenographies... His work was recently shown at Design Parade Toulon, as part of the interior architecture festival at the Villa Noailles (Hyères) in 2019, and his creations are the subject of numerous exhibitions and acquisitions in private and public collections.