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Blue me away

Memo Paris is happy to bring together two artists to unfold even more the imagination of Ocean Leather in an illustrated book:

The author: Jean d’Amérique, born in 1994, is a poet, dramaturge and artistic director of the Transe Poétique festival. He has published Petite fleur du ghetto (Atelier Jeudi Soir, 2015; Maëlstrom, 2019) and Nul chemin dans la peau que saignante étreinte (Cheyne, 2017), for which he received the Prix de la Vocation.

The illustrator: Léa Guerchounow, born in 1997, is a visual artist who lives and works in the Paris region. Through drawing, painting, collage, engraving, sculpture or more broadly installation, she stages a flow of forms, recomposes a world where the real, the imaginary and the virtual find a dialogue.


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This book is written in French and English

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