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Sunny Musk

To continue the journey, Memo Paris loves the company of artists, authors and illustrators, who let their imagination wander along the landscape.

Albane Gellé, French poet born in 1971, co-founder of the “Littérature et Poétiques” association, she has written a numerous amount of poetry collections and loves painting landscape portraits whilst in writing residencies; creating one for Corfu seemed evident to her from the outset.

Valérie Linder, visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer, she has also been teaching design and applied arts for over twenty years. Impassioned by drawing and words, she willingly accompanies texts by contemporary authors with images, like the one here for the Corfu perfume.


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This book is written in French and English

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The sea has shaped a legend that electrifies the enamored hearts, announcing a smile of bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit, rose oil and patchouli. Whoever swims through this rocky passage made up of golden reliefs like amber, and turquoise water as soft as iris, will know a lasting love. The “Canal d’Amour”, such is its name, patient. He knows that the Greek island has many other secrets to share, woven of jasmine, ambrette seeds, sandalwood, and tonka bean; fruits of so many influences. Here stands the blackcurrant absolute, where raspberry and peach are combined. Beautifully wild, mountainous and wooded landscapes, lead to visions of Italian, French and British architecture, Byzantine churches and Roman remains. The Epochs, cultures, cedar wood, musk and lily-of-the-valley, the languages, traditions, rhubarb and geraniums, can all be found in Corfu. The Island of all encounters.

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