Ireland's countryside

As you approach the Irish countryside, you immediately feel the need to take a big breath of fresh air, like a reflex, an instinct and a return to sovereign elements. The wind has gently picked up, the air is circulating and a question is stewing in everyone's mind: is it possible to embrace the moving skies and changing lights? Perhaps the Irish are so passionate about horseback-riding because they wish to capture the skies and lights in movement, run at the speed of the surrounding scenery and fly on a carpet of lush greenery.

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A country with rolling hills

Ireland is like an open book that makes you want to deeply breathe in the fresh air, filling your lungs and inhaling the authentic fragrance of the rural countryside.
Memo Paris is sensitive to this scenery's identity and dynamic energy. With deliberate, creative and personal affinity, John Molloy, the brand's Irish co-founder, has conveyed the spirit of his native land.

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