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Agathe Dutour

Agathe Dutour

"At first, the smell of Inlé reminded me of wildflowers in a garden when I was little. What inspired me was the idea of two almost twin expanses in hues: the lake and the sky, split by a silhouette or a bright light (like a distinguishable ingredient). I used the colors to recreate the slow and gentle atmosphere I imagined. Along the water, between aquatic plants and clouds, the fishermen are like guardians of suspended temples. They watch over this mysterious microcosm. In my vision, this poetic space was necessarily deployed at the extreme hours of the day, to highlight the sacred dimension and peaceful atmosphere that emanate from Burmese landscapes."

Born in 1998, Agathe Dutour draws on an inner world filled with symbols, dreams and memories to create, over the past years, a collection of diary-like moments. A graduate of the Paris School of Decorative Arts, she remains attached to the intuitive approach of drawing and color to compose these visual poems tinged with strangeness and nostalgia.


Agathe Dutour

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