Sophie Labbé

Intuitive and curious, Sophie Labbé is an olfactory story-teller who delves into the imagination to unleash her creative process. Imbued with a passion for fragrance and its mysteries at a young age, she discovered the profession with perfumer Jean Kerléo – a life-changing encounter – and went on to study at the ISIPCA school of perfumery in Versailles, paving the way for a promising future.  

Her encounter with Memo gave rise to Russian Leather. Clara asked her to imagine an opus in the "Cuirs Nomades" collection, using the forests of Siberia as her setting, and a wolf with a heightened sense of smell as its visitor. The result was a leather infused with an animal magnetism, and the start of a new creative relationship with Memo to bring future fragrance projects to life.

Recently, she signed Argentina, an aromatic floral with a soft and warm background that envelops you in an elegant and delicate way.Sophie Labbé