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Why are we based in France?

Memo Paris finds its home in France, the heartbeat of perfumery mastery. France's historical legacy in scent craftsmanship and the superior quality of locally sourced raw materials converge seamlessly with our brand's ethos and artistic vision.

The storied heritage of French perfumery resonates deeply with our values – authenticity, innovation, and evocative storytelling. This heritage empowers our perfumers to compose fragrances that transcend the mundane, capturing moments and emotions within every note.

France's bountiful offerings of premium raw materials provide the foundation for our olfactory artworks. Sourcing these ingredients locally not only ensures quality but also echoes our commitment to sustainability.

Our strategic location within France fosters collaboration and synergy with world-renowned perfumers, laboratories, and experts. This environment of expertise and excellence fuels our dedication to creating fragrances that push the boundaries of creativity and redefine the art of scent.

Additionally, France's rich artistic heritage and its penchant for luxury and aesthetics serve as the backdrop for our brand's creativity. Our fragrances are not just scents, they are expressions of the intricate beauty that is inherent in both French culture and the world of perfumery.

As part of this rich tradition, Memo Paris blends the old and the new, crafting fragrances that honor the past while embracing the future.


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